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Robert Sullivan has been a resident of the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods for almost 40 years. During the last fifteen years, he has developed into the area's most prominent and successful realtor.

Robert has developed a remarkably successful market niche, specializing in single-family homes and luxury condominiums and cooperatives in the $500,000 plus range. In 2003, after just four years in the business, his sales exceeded $12 million, placing him in the very top tier of all local realtors, where he has remained ever since.

Robert has been able to maintain his dominant position despite recent market downturns. In 2010, his sales exceeded $18 million, placing him at the very top of Hyde Park realtors and in the top 60 out of almost 12,000 realtors in the greater Chicago area. In 2013, his sales volume exceeded $22 million, more than twice that of his nearest competitor. Robert's career sales now exceed $165 million.

As a listing agent, Robert has developed a reputation for his in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood and its housing history. When appropriate, he conducts research in to the architectural history and former owners of the properties. Through his own extensive personal experience in restoring and maintaining vintage housing, Robert also brings to his work a deep understanding of a listing’s physical plant and maintenance issues. He is thus able to advise (and reassure) potential buyers who may not be as familiar with such properties.

Robert’s wide network of contacts is largely based on his connections to The University of Chicago (from which he holds two graduate degrees, including an MBA) and the Laboratory Schools (where his four children have been enrolled). He has social and professional connections with many faculty members at the professional schools and divisions of the University. Robert also has a solid working relationship with the University’s housing office.

Among his many community activities, Robert serves on the board of the Hyde Park Art Center and on the Development Committee for the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

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